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oil prices. >> brenda: what do you like, toby. >> microsoft, i used 8, and killed it. >> brenda: jonas. >> the mobile models on their be tablets. >> brenda: is it going up 30%? >> i guess not. >> brenda: neil is up next. >> . >> neil: on a week when a top democrat is saying food stamps and unemployment insurance are stimulus and the president argues the really successful businesses do it on their own, what is happening to us. welcome, everybody, i'm neil cavuto and call me worried, worried for a country whose elected leaders call the symptoms of a slowdown as the cures for slowdown. with food stamps and welfare are our goal and not improving the economy that should make them unnecessary. then i start to wonder whether what made this country great is gone and whether we keep this kind of stuff up, maybe it's time to sell this new brand of capitalism short. to ben stein and dagen mcdowell, adam lashinsky and charlie gasperino, what do you think, dagen? >> i think it goes back to the argument a we've been talking about for several years now, what role does government play in our li
about all who are successful that worries me. >> right, and you see, i think the president did us all a big favor, he did the country a great service here by making that comment about you owe this to, you know, you owe everything to the government, he didn't quite say it to that, but something along those lines. what he think he did and i think adam will agree, he drew the lines pretty spark stark. you, america, have a choice and hats off to president obama by giving that choice. if you take my way and with all deference to ben, he wasn't saying you have to appreciate some points of government. president obama was saying that the country, that the way out of this is government and if you really believe this, you'll vote for this president and if you don't, we hope mitt romney makes the opposite argument, but don't -- i think the president did a great thing here, he drew the ideological lines very starkly and now, the american people have a choice. >> neil: whether you want more government. >> absolutely. >> neil: adam. >> i agree with you up to a point. i agree that he did draw a star
. sometimes that helps create jobs in the u.s., sometimes it doesn't. that's the political point. >> more than sometimes, more than sometimes, adam. come on, you know it's more than sometimes. >> no, i don't know. >> oh, see, are you telling me that you, in all your great research, have found that private equity is a net job killer? not a net job creator? >> i'm saying that creating jobs in the united states in some sort of-- in some jurisdiction is not the job of a private equity investors and that isn't what i would want them to do. >> no, you're a business reporter. >> i agree that investing in education and infrastructure, what we should be doing, nothing objectionable. >> adam, you and you cover this stuff, to are a long time. this is a pretty simple question, do they create jobs or kill jobs? based on my research, they create a lot more jobs, what are you saying? >> yeah, but charlie, we could have the same debate about, you know, do firefighters or police forces create jobs. >> no, we can't. >> or-- >> i think that there serves as a reminder, what maybe the administration really wants.
to be adding jobs right now. >> that those so-called job creators will make everything okay for the rest of us. we believe that the way to build this country is the way we always have, from the middle out. that's how it's always been done. and the way to do that is invest in the things that have always made our economy grow. innovation, research, development, infrastructure, and education. >> are you looking at the folks behind the vice-president, did it not look like a hostage tape. you've got a government spending more than a trillion bucks on jobs and bang for those bucks and now he wants to spend more of your bucks on jobs. so we're asking this morning, what the buck? and charlie gasperino, dagen mcdowell and dr. payne. >> if that was, communist russia would be the most powerful in the country. >> a lot floating around d.c. these days. >> might want to be careful-- >> and to express this little faith in american citizens, they go out and knock ambition and denigrate success, it's ridiculous. >> i thought the audience was stepford audience. >> neil: look at the crowd behind him they look d
to tell you about today. fox news confirming u.s. intelligence believes the regime will be moving some amounts of chemical agents, possibly including deadly sarin nerve gas, raising fears the regime is planning to use weapons against their own people. coming up we'll have more on what it means and what if anything the u.s. can do to stop it. the son of actor sylvester stallone has died. finding body of 36-year-old sage stallone inside his home. no foul play, but he was the oldest of stallone's children and included in two films with his dad. including his debut in rocky 5. and i'll send you back now to cavuto on business. have a great day. >> all i want is a refund. >> refund? refund? are you crazy? refund? refund? refund? refund? >> easy. >> refund. [laughter] >> refund. >> well, you won't see that scene on a lot this summer because general motors just started offering a 60 day money back guarantee on all new chevy cars and trucks. and that, as you know, that taxpayers are still on the hook for about a third of the company's outstanding stock and just to break even the government wou
and analysts say this could help boost his credentials to direct u.s. national security and diplomacy. we're learning more details about the mass murder suspect behind colorado's movie theater massacre, new court papers showing james holmes was a patient of university of colorado psychiatrist before last week's attack. the same doctor that received a package from holmes that was seized by police after a search warrant. holmes is claiming he has amnesia and doesn't remember the attacks that killed 12 and injured more than 50 others. i'm anna kooiman, now back to cavuto on business. >> welcome back, never mind the savings, just look at the hiking. the congressional budget office saying that the president's health care law with small businesses with 4 billion in new fees and taxes, charles you say forget the savings, you're by the 4 million in added fees. >> i think it's going to be more than that. cbo has been manipulated so much, i hate to say this, they've lost a lot of credibility. >> and young man-- >> i'm trying to be. >> when they release numbers that philosophical and-- >> all right.
lashinsky and charlie gasperino. >> i'm not surprised by this poll, although four out of five. it used to be five out of five. people want it to be rich or-- >> and some would have people right now, and angry and bitter. >> listen, in america we know that success is byproduct, it's a byproduct of hard work, sacrifice and smarts, we respect that, we really do respect that despite this massive pr campaign against it and i still hope it back fires. >> neil: ben stein, what do you think. >> the hypocrisy on the part of the democrats is beyond believe. the greatest was fdr, the family eight off gold plates and john f. kennedy, and unbelievable decadent luxury. lbj one of the richest men ever to serve in congress and big democratic era, and kerry one of the richest men in the united states. what are we talking about here? i don't get it the hypocrisy here blows the top of my brain right up. i'm with you, neil, who is the one in four, assume it does make a difference. why would it make any difference at all? i'm looking at dagen, but i don't know for sure. dagen. >> well. >> one thing that wa
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8 (some duplicates have been removed)

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